The Down Syndrome Association of South Texas (DSASTX) provides support for our families on a variety of levels. When a new family contacts the DSASTX, the family is registered in our database and added to the appropriate mailing lists in order to receive information on all of the activities and support groups available.

Activities include events for individuals with Down syndrome for the following age groups:

  • Infancy ages;
  • School-age children; and
  • Adulthood as well as
  • Events for the whole family.

Support for the families includes the following groups:

  • New and Expectant Parents,
  • MOMS group,
  • DADS group,
  • Siblings group,
  • Spanish Support group and
  • Parent Training.

The DSASTX may also assign a new family a Parent Mentor, and whenever possible, will pair with families that have similar medical issues or circumstances which helps facilitate shared knowledge and a solid support structure for the new parents.  As a result, both families share an instant bond and add more people to their personal support systems.

Mentors are an invaluable resource as they help newer members of our community navigate through the DSASTX’s many resources which gives a new family someone to “lean on” that has traveled down the same path they are embarking on. In addition to the mentor family, the DSASTX staff and our community of families are always available to share information and support.  We are never more than a phone call or keystroke away.

Reach us at 210-349-4372 or