In a collaborative project with Our Lady of the Lake University Graduate Communication Class, the DSASTX offers the following communication videos. Please click on each title to view the video.

Videos can also be found on our YouTube page

  • Assistive Technology for Children with Down Syndrome

    Assistive Technology is defined followed by examples. Benefits discussed on whether to use this or not for your child. NOTE: People-first language is not used for the title and this was shared with OLLU. Video length: 3:38

  • Developmental Delay and Speech and Language

    Developmental delay is defined and its effect on communication is described. Activities that can be used at home are shared along with some helpful hints to encourage communication. Video length: 4:02

  • Improving Articulation with Singing

    Steps are shown to encourage articulation using music with toys or pictures and signs. Praise is always encouraged. Video length: 1:36

  • Joint Attention

    Joint attention is defined and how it can be used at home to encourage language and communication using words, gestures, pointing, etc. Video length: 3:18

  • Typically Developing Milestones for Children with Down Syndrome

    Milestones are described from birth – 5 years of age and what to expect at those levels. Strategies for how to deal with the milestones are discussed. Video length: 4:56

  • What Makes Good Toys

    Various toys are demonstrated and how they can be used to work on language and communication improvement. Note: People-first language is not used for the title and this was shared with OLLU. Video length: 4:42

  • Why is Play Important?

    Discussion on why play is important for communication. Useful tips are described and demonstrated. Website and link provided. Video length: 3:08

  • Common Household Items Used to Improve Your Child’s Listening & Communication Skills

    After explaining how household items can be used for communication, various projects are shared and demonstrated using household items and ideas to use at home. Video length: 3:44

  • Everyday Routines for Language Development

    Various activities will be demonstrated to encourage language and communication for your child at home. Video length: 3:46

  • Intentional Communication

    Intentional communication is defined with examples. Ideas for home use through daily activities are included. Many links are included at the end of the video. Video length: 4:02

  • Tips, Tricks, and Games for Vocabulary

    Ideas are shared on activities that can be used to teach vocabulary including stickers, books, etc. Video length: 4:00

  • Using Visual Tools for Your Child and How it Encourages Communication

    Tools that are described and demonstrated include online apps, sign language, Makaton (sign language with oral) and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). Video length: 3:46

  • Enseñando Primeras Palabras en Español

    Estrategias serán compartidas en como ensenar las primeras palabras a su niño durante estos periodos claves. NOTA: Sesión en español

  • Juegos y Actividades para Habilidades de Atención y para Escuchar

    Varias actividades serán demostradas que se pueden conducir en el hogar para ayudar el lenguaje y su relación con su hijo.  NOTA: Sesión en español.