The “Looking Forward: 2021 Virtual Transition Conference” took place on Friday, January 15, 2021, and was a great success due to our wonderful presenters and exhibitors. It was a great collaboration between the Down Syndrome Association of South Texas (DSASTX) and Parent Resource Network (PRN).

For your convenience, we will provide a recording of the conference for you to view from the comfort of your home at your convenience. It is important to note that not all of the sessions were successfully recorded due to technical difficulties, so we apologize for the inconvenience.

Please refer to the attached electronic program to get a fuller description of the presentations and exhibitors. Feel free to review the Contact Lists and a link on the “Exhibitor Contact Page” where various exhibitor handouts and some presenter handouts are included for your review.

We welcome any feedback you provide to us! Thank you and enjoy the recording!


There are 4 parts to the recordings and the chart shows the exact time that each session took place as seen in Hours/Minutes/Seconds (i.e. 1:04:10 means it starts when the recording reads 1 hour, 4 minutes, and 10 seconds).


Recording Part
in Tape
Breakout/Session Presenter
1 Beginning Welcome and Keynote Speaker Jo Mascorro
1 47:50 Vendor: AACOG Vanessa Pedroza
2 Beginning Transition 101 Sam Gonzales/ESC-20
  *See Below Our Journey Joe Montalvo/EISD
  *See Below Vendor: Life Enrichment Arc of San Antonio
  *See Below Vendor: Region 20 Family Engagement Claudia Vargas
2 43:15
**See Below
Finding Your Purpose Natalia Jasso
**See Below
10 Basic Steps/Caregivers Jeff McCracken
2 1:30:37 Vendor: Fiesta Especial Disability SA
2 1:37:14 Vendor: Mass Mutual Jeff McCracken
3 Beginning
**See Below
Keynote Speaker James Williams
3 39:01 Vendor: Services from Bloom Consulting Natalie Hulsey
3 43:43 Vendor: Evaluation & Support Services A.I.M.
3 45:42
**See Below
Parents/School/Community Collaboration Judson ISD
3 1:07:35 Cultivating Interests & Talents Lisa Rogers
3 1:35:05 Vendor: STAR Kids Insurance Community 1st Health Plans
4 Beginning Panel Discussion Panel Team
4 24:10 Closing Remarks  
*These sessions were not recorded due to technical difficulties. Please look at “Exhibitor Contact Page” for the link to the handouts/powerpoints for these areas.
**These sessions were not recorded for the first portion of the presentations due to technical difficulties.